Food That Help Reduce Belly Fat

olive oilBelly fat is the most difficult fat that need to be removed from our body. No wonder, if you need more time and extra workout to burn belly fat. The most severe, deep fat that covers the stomach area also give more threat to our health than other body fat. Heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, and even breast cancer are some diseases caused by excess abdominal fat.

However, there are several types of food that can help you shrink the fat on the abdomen. If you already exercise regularly, try to add these foods in your diet menu to help burn fat faster: Continue reading Food That Help Reduce Belly Fat

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Protects Your Heart With Strawberry A Day

fresh strawberryThere are many ways to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. On of them is eating strawberries every day. People who ate strawberries for two months had reduced markers for atherosclerosis, or furring up of the arteries, a health study found. The research was carried out on people with metabolic syndrome, a collection of symptoms including obesity and high cholesterol levels, which are both associated with a raised risk of heart disease.

In the University of Oklahoma study, patients had four cups of a drink made from 50g of freeze-dried strawberries and water, or three cups of fresh strawberries. Continue reading Protects Your Heart With Strawberry A Day

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Wake Up from Sleep Without Stress

wake up womanIf you get yourself reluctant when wake up in the morning it could be due to a lack of sleep can satisfy your rest or you are too lazy to face the daily work routines. Massage lightly in a particular body part can make your spirit to move up. Here is the tips to do it,

Ear rub

You have awakened but still lazy to open the eyes and get out of bed? With eyes closed, rub your earlobes. Rubbing the thumb on the back of the ear towards the top and bottom. Perform 20 times.
Benefits: Blood circulation, eliminate the feeling sleepy Continue reading Wake Up from Sleep Without Stress

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Want to Slim, Reduce Meat Consumption

meatReducing daily intake of meat from menu can help you cut excess body weight. In studies conducted in Europe on more than 400,000 adults people show a strong relationship between increasing body weight with consumption of meat, especially processed meat, like ham or sausage.

In general, the effect of increased weight loss due to meat consumption was seen in men and women. The participants in this study came from 10 countries involved in long-term studies on diet and cancer. Their weight recorded before and after the end of the study. They were also asked to fill out a list of daily meal intake. Continue reading Want to Slim, Reduce Meat Consumption

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