6 Best Exercise for Slimming Body

slim womanNot only run on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day or swim hundreds of meters a day or running miles a day that can help your burn more fat and get good body shape, but our daily activity can do it too. However, not all activities give the result. Here the best workout to get slim body is:

- Activity that you like. So you can enjoy do it constantly
- Activity that you can do for 30-60 minutes a day
- Activity that can make you sweat

Here are the list of 6 Best Exercise to slender body

1. Playing golf 18 holes
Don’t use golf cart when move from one hole to another

2. Playing with children
Spend an hour a day to play with your children. Not only make you slim but also make your children protected from obesity. Encourage the child to swim, play cat and mouse, or other game that can make them sweat.

3. Gardening or cleaning house
You can get double benefits. Your house becomes clean and your body more healthier. Occasionally, do washing, sweeping, and ironing by yourself not your maid.

4. Bicycle
Need to go to local shop? Do not take a car, just go there by bicycle. If the traffic around the house too crowd you can take bike exercise (static bike) at home while watching television.

5. Walk
Do a walk around the house before breakfast. When in the office, take a walk for 15 minutes before lunch. And do it also before the dinner.

6. Dance
Dynamic dance like salsa is good for your health. It can strong your bone and improve blood circulation.

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