Biking Help A Woman Lose Weight Over 100 Pounds

burn fat with biking - weight loss success storyThere are many ways to lose your weight. Starting from workout at gym, tight diet program, change your life habit and more. But, did you know that simple and low cost activity like biking can reduce your overweight too. Here is the weight loss success story from Sydney Pershing who loss 162 pounds of weight as via health web.

As a child, Sydney was always at least 20 pounds overweight. When 13 years old, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Having seizures drained her, so she rarely felt like exercising. The cocktail of medica­tions only added to her size, and when she was 25, she depressed because her weight reach 287 pounds. That year, she asked a surgeon about weight loss-surgery. But the doctor said that she was too obese and unhealthy for surgery – she would have to shed some weight first.
“I couldn’t believe I was too fat for the surgery! But that irony changed my life. The next day I got on my bike and rode around the block. The day after that, I biked six blocks. After three months of biking that distance every day, I dropped two dress sizes and started taking longer rides. I also started the South Beach Diet, trading pizza for salads and lean protein, “said Sydney Pershing.

She had lost 122 pounds in 2004. After VNS (vagus nerve stimulation) device implanted in her chest to limit her epilepsy and make it under control, she added Pilates and swimming to her routine and lost another 40 pounds. Today, she 162 pounds lighter

From Heavy to Healthy time line:
287 lbs-September 2002-Got on a bike for the first time in years.
245 lbs-December 2002-Biking works: Dropped two dress sizes.
195 lbs-May 2004-Walked a 5K to raise money for multiple sclerosis.
165 lbs-November 2004-Surgery helps control my seizures—and ups my energy.
125 lbs-May 2005–now-Looking good in size 6 jeans!

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