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Diet Supplements ImageOur body needs various types of nutrients to work optimally. Therefore, we need to consume a variety of natural food to get nutrients. The experts always emphasize that natural foods is the best source of nutrition. However, if daily nutrition intake still doesn’t meet the recommended dosage, supplement consumption can help you to fulfill it. In addition to helping maintain health, the following supplements was also has important role in successful of your diet programs.

1. Vitamin D
People who have a high enough level of vitamin D in the body, tend to succeed in losing weight. This was presented at the annual meeting endocrine Society. Dosage recommendations: A total of 1000 IU vitamin D daily. The best source comes from fish, fortified cereals, pure fruit juice, and milk products. It can also be obtained from supplements of vitamin D3.

2. Prebiotic
Experts in Canada studied a group of obese people who regularly consume prebiotic supplements. After 12 weeks, average weight loss of 1 kg. It’s more than the group given placebo. Dosage recommendations: inadequate our needs as much as 40-20 grams per day. Source: Garlic, onions, fortified yogurt or supplements with the recommended doctor.

3. Calcium
Women who daily calcium requirement is always fulfilled in the 15th week, could lose weight four times more than those who rely on the placebo. Dosage recommendations: We need 1000-1200 mg of calcium per day. Get the low-fat dairy products and various greens, or consume calcium carbonate or citrate with a dose of 500-600 mg twice per day.

4. Multivitamins
The experts studied a group of women who take multivitamins during 15 weeks. The result is, the women’s hunger decreased to 45% compared to other groups who were given placebo. Dosage recommendations: Eat colorful fruits and vegetables, natural, whole wheat products, and fatless protein. It’s okay to take a multivitamin but do not exceed the maximum of our daily needs.

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