Simple Way to Reduce Stress and Depression

stress womanStress is part of our everyday life. In order not to lead to depression, there are recipes easy way to reduce stress.

National Institute of Play said, play is a good activity for your mental health. “A life or culture that does not have or lack the game will have a risk of experiencing health problems.”

The prevalence of depression, stress associated with illness, interpersonal violence, drug addiction, health and welfare problems may be experienced by people who never doing play activities. So, not only exercise, adequate rest and eat nutritious foods that can make you live longer. Having a sense of pleasure and happiness also need to get the same portion of your life.

What kind of game that effective to reduce stress?

Outdoor play

For adults who may rarely play free since elementary school, out of the house is the easiest and best way to enjoy the play activities. Simply step out of the house and go to the park, you can find a game. Nothing wrong if you try to the swings in the park.

Doing something that you like

You’ll feel energized again if given a chance to yourself to do the like activities. The effect will make you never feel old. When playing tennis, assembling a doll house or skate is your favorite, there’s nothing wrong you do all that again. The result, your mood will be good throughout the day.

Use object game

When was the last time you flew a kite, or kick a ball? Using objects to generate excitement playing can help you find happiness. It will be more effective if you doing this with your family.

Create a schedule for eating out

Plan a dinner out with family can be fun. Not only for you but also for your couple and children. New location as a place for dinner, can refresh your mind and family. Set the time and discussed with, the place for you and your family dinner.


One of the reasons many people love the yoga and aerobic activity is the time to do it. Most of people who do it feel like they are playing. Physical movements such as walking or sitting, may be used. But activities like aerobics movement jumping, turning on your favorite songs to create a sense of love and happiness.


Playing does not always have to fuss or move the body. Playing charades can also be other fun options. Quiet games such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, including a word game too. Perform this activity on the sidelines of your time during the trip or the rest relaxed.

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