Healthy Food : Benefit of Apple

benefit apple for health and dietAccording to research drink Apple juice can help boost brain function similar to medication. Besides that apple juice is good for your diet too.

Apples have been recommended for : Insomnia, Catarrh, Gallbladder stones, Worms, Halitosis, Pyorrhea, Obesity, Headache, Arthritis, Bronchial asthma, Inflammation of the bladder, Gonorrhea, Anemia, Tuberculosis, and Neuritis.

Here is the list Benefit of Apple:

  • Apple contains malic acid and tartaric acid that can help prevent disturbances of the liver and digestion.
  • Apple cider vinegar when used as beverage can help to prevent the formation of kidney stone.
  • The skin of Apple contains pectin that can help remove toxic substances from the system by supplying galacturonic acid. Pectin helps prevent protein matter in the intestine from spoiling.
  • Eating an apple daily can lower cholesterol and reduce skin diseases.
  • Apple is a rich of powerful antioxidant, flavonoid and polyphenols.
  • Eating 100g of apple can give an antioxidant effect that equal to taking about 1,500mg of vitamin C.
  • Apple contains minerals and vitamins that can strengthen the blood.

Each 100 grams of apple contain Vitamin A : 900 I.U; Vitamin B : Thiamine .07 mg.; Vitamin C : 5 mg; Vitamin G : Amount uncertain; Calcium : 6 mg; Iron : 3 mg; Phosphorus : 10 mg; Potassium : 130 mg; Carbohydrates : 14.9 gm; and Calories: 58

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