How to Fix Them 5 Common Mistakes Dieters Make

diet tipsIf you’re trying to lose weight but going to be stuck, you may have fallen into a diet pit. Here are five dieters mistakes make and few ways to fix them.

1. Saving Up For a Special Occasion
It’s important to make smart choices but don’t eat significantly less than normal or you’ll wind up doing more damage once the chips and dip come out.

2. Thinking That All Days Are the Same
Every day is different. You might be tired, hormonal, or just plain hungrier today. You need to listen to your body: If you’re hungry, have small snacks. Learn the difference between real hunger and a craving, and act on the former.

3. Over exercising
Everyone knows that you have to burn more calories than you consume during dieting. But don’t work out to the point of exhaustion. You’ll wind up starving—and stuffing your face later if you are logging long hours on the treadmill without the proper fuel. Keep your workouts consistent but don’t go crazy.

4. Sticking To Salad

There’s nothing wrong with upping the amount of veggies in your diet, but thinking all salads are safe isn’t going to help you shed any pounds. Sure, a bed of greens is figure-friendly—but load on a lot of candied nuts, goat cheese, and crispy chicken, and the calories can get out of control. Try salad with a cup of vegetable soup or a veggie burger sans bun.

5. Eating Too Few Calories

Don’t be afraid of food. Don’t set unrealistic calorie goals because everybody is different. The key is Keep portions reasonable.

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