Lose Your Weight by Eating 5 Small Meals a Day?

healthy mealI’m sure you already know that some people suggest you to split your meals into 5 or 6 small meal a day to help you lose your weight. But, is that true? Julie Upton, from American Dietetic Association give you answer about this.

you’ll lose your weight if you stick to a set number of calories. Not matter you eat three daily meals or five to six small ones. There is no big deal as long as you can keep the number of calories that you consumed. One benefit if you eating frequently is it will prevrents you from getting so famished during those long stretches between meals.

You can carry few wholesome treats like fresh or dried fruit, low-fat string cheese, or half of a peanut butter sandwich to snack on to fit in more than three meals, so you won’t get famished.

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