One Woman Lost 52 lbs with a No-Diet Diet

Sophia Chalmers afterThis is weight loss success story from Sophia Chalmers, 34, of New York City. She weight reach 187 lbs after give birth to her son. The interesting is she rid off her fat without hard diet plan. She just do simple meal rule.

And because I can’t do diets—when I try them, I’m always thinking about my next meal

These are her three simple eating rules:

  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Eat only small meals
  • Eat just until you aren’t hungry anymore and don’t get full

Timeline to SlimSophia Chalmers before

  • 125 lbs-Mar 2008-Just learned I’m pregnant!
  • 187 lbs-Nov 2008-A week after delivery. My vow: Fit into my slim jeans.
  • 150 lbs-Apr 2009-150, finally! I’m on a roll.
  • 140 lbs-Jun 2009-Tracy Anderson DVDs rock—I love the results!
  • 135 lbs-Now-Total weight lost (since having Finn): 52 pounds

Now, She weight is 135 pounds. If you have weight problem you can try this simple eating rule.(health)

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