Is Energy Drinks Good For Your Health?

Many energy drink company claim that their product can boost your energy and overcome fatigue. But you must remember that they give short-lived booster. Moreover, consume to many energy drink will lead you to health problem. Katherine Zeratsky from mayoclinic explain that most energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine, which can give a temporary energy boost. Some energy drinks contain sugar and other substances. Energy drinks that contain sugar may contribute to weight gain — and too much caffeine can cause Nervousness, Irritability, Insomnia, Rapid heart beat, Increased blood pressure. Continue reading Is Energy Drinks Good For Your Health?

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How Broccoli Fight Cancer

broccoliNumerous studies have shown that broccoli has a kind of a natural substance that can fight cancer cells. Based on the latest news, experts in the UK have been able to identify and explain how these anticancer interact with genes that responsible for cancer development.

As published in the journal BioMed Central Molecular Cancer newest edition, the experts describe how the anticancer substance called sulforaphane works. In simple terms, a kind of sulforaphane counteract a gene called PTEN. The gene is involved in the formation of prostate cancer cells. Continue reading How Broccoli Fight Cancer

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Burn the Fat with Night Exercise

woman liftingAre you among those who are busy and have little time to exercise in the morning? if yes, you can do exercise at night after work. Exercise at night will make you sleep better and more fit body next day. You can do exercise at the gym or at home. If you choose home exercise, here are some simple exercises you can do when exercise at night.

Use dumbbells
Make a movements to strengthen the upper body and your stomach using dumbbells. Do not forget to do the lifting dumbbells in a standing position to form the upper back. Or you can do a squat jump to make your thigh tight. Continue reading Burn the Fat with Night Exercise

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Effective Diet Supplements

Diet Supplements ImageOur body needs various types of nutrients to work optimally. Therefore, we need to consume a variety of natural food to get nutrients. The experts always emphasize that natural foods is the best source of nutrition. However, if daily nutrition intake still doesn’t meet the recommended dosage, supplement consumption can help you to fulfill it. In addition to helping maintain health, the following supplements was also has important role in successful of your diet programs.

1. Vitamin D
People who have a high enough level of vitamin D in the body, tend to succeed in losing weight. This was presented at the annual meeting endocrine Society. Dosage recommendations: A total of 1000 IU vitamin D daily. The best source comes from fish, fortified cereals, pure fruit juice, and milk products. It can also be obtained from supplements of vitamin D3. Continue reading Effective Diet Supplements

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