Skipping Meals : Good Or Bad For Weight Loss?

health mealAs title says, is it good habit to skip meal for weight loss? Well, here is good advice from Chris Freytag. He explain that mini-meals help your metabolism to keep burning at a higher rate while skipping meal will slow down it. High metabolism rate good for weight loss purpose.

Q: I often forget to eat lunch when busy to work. That’s why I really feel like I don’t eat very much. I also go to the gym several times a week. But, why am I having such a hard time losing weight?

A: Perhaps your problem is your metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories to sustain life. Your body takes energy all day whether you are sleeping, sitting or exercising. By skipping meals, your metabolic thermostat shuts down to conserve energy while waiting for proper fuel. This is why skipping meals can actually hurt your weight loss efforts rather than help.

I strongly recommend the idea of mini-meals especially when you are so busy at work that you can’t take time to go to lunch. Get healthy snacks to work—almonds, apples, string cheese, yogurt. Mini-meals help you succeed on both mental and physical levels. Psychologically, mini-meals can help reduce cravings or poor food choices out of sheer hunger! Physically, consuming small numbers every two to four hours helps to keep your blood sugar on an even keel and may even help your metabolism to continue burning at a higher rate.

You say you work out on a regular basis but are you doing any strength training? Muscle is the other secret to keeping your metabolism revved. Muscle eats more calories at a resting heart rate than body fat so the more muscle on your body, the more calories you burn daily whether you workout or not. More older we start to lose few pound of muscle a year unless you are actively doing something to keep it up.

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