Wake Up from Sleep Without Stress

wake up womanIf you get yourself reluctant when wake up in the morning it could be due to a lack of sleep can satisfy your rest or you are too lazy to face the daily work routines. Massage lightly in a particular body part can make your spirit to move up. Here is the tips to do it,

Ear rub

You have awakened but still lazy to open the eyes and get out of bed? With eyes closed, rub your earlobes. Rubbing the thumb on the back of the ear towards the top and bottom. Perform 20 times.
Benefits: Blood circulation, eliminate the feeling sleepy

Hands on head
Put your right palm on your forehead and place left palm on top. Change the position of your palms. Perform 20 times.
Benefits: relax the tense muscles around the head, eliminate the feeling tired in the head

Eye massage
Massage the eyelids and the areas around the eyebrows with the tip of the thumb. Perform 15-20 times.
Benefits: relaxes the nerves around the eyes, reduce sleepy feeling in the eyes – make it easy to open

Abdominal massage
Place your palms on your stomach. Wipe-rub all parts of the abdomen to feel warm.
Benefits: Facilitate the circulation of blood around the stomach, help the process to get rid of gas in stomach, relax the abdominal muscles

Stomach Games
After rubbed the stomach, pat your belly and then do drawing movement on the abdomen. Inhale, then dilate and deflate your stomach.
Benefits : strengthening the abdominal muscles, good to train forces organs liver, kidneys and digestive system.

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