Want to Slim, Reduce Meat Consumption

meatReducing daily intake of meat from menu can help you cut excess body weight. In studies conducted in Europe on more than 400,000 adults people show a strong relationship between increasing body weight with consumption of meat, especially processed meat, like ham or sausage.

In general, the effect of increased weight loss due to meat consumption was seen in men and women. The participants in this study came from 10 countries involved in long-term studies on diet and cancer. Their weight recorded before and after the end of the study. They were also asked to fill out a list of daily meal intake.

Once counted, the people who consume excess calories up to 250 grams of meat per day, equivalent to the small size of the steak, will experience a weight gain of about 2 kg within a period of five years. Although they consume same amount of calories, their excessive weight gain will still be higher if they consume meat.

The results of this study also refute about opinions high protein diet and low in carbohydrates can reduce weight.

Nevertheless, experts warn that cutting meat alone is not enough to lose weight. Weight loss must be balanced with exercise and lifestyle changes. To maintain health, are encouraged to eat a varied diet and nutrient sources, including meat. Always remember the key to keep your weigh balance is calories intake must equal with calories used by our body.

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