12 Easy Ways for Better Eating Habit

healthy eating habitIf you want live better, you can start it by change your eating habit. Exercising regularly without change your eating habit is just a waste time.

Eating a healthier diet doesn’t mean you have to cut out your favorite foods completely, but you just have to make a few changes like finding substitutions for existing foods in your diet. Here are some tips for better healthy food:

  1. Reduce your portion size. Start putting your meals on smaller plates. Don’t eat whatever amount of food is in front of you.
  2. Start using lean ground beef, pork tenderloin or fish instead of high-fat cuts of meat.
  3. Switch from full-fat cheeses to reduced-fat or fat-free cheeses the same way you would with milk (see tip above).
  4. Order vegetables on the side instead of fries. Flavor them with lemon juice or herbs instead of butter.
  5. Change your cooking methods. Bake, grill or broil your meals instead of frying
  6. Drink more water. Slowly reduce the amount of soda you drink and replace it with herbal tea or water
  7. Use mustard instead of mayo on your sandwiches
  8. Snack on fruit and nuts instead of sugary treats. The fiber, protein and healthy fats in this combination will sustain you to your next meal.
  9. Select whole wheat bread over white bread
  10. Eat the white meat of turkey or chicken, which is lower in fat than dark meat, red meat and pork
  11. Don’t drink your calories. Eat a whole orange instead of drinking a glass of juice, for example
  12. Gradually switch to skim milk. Milk commonly comes in four varieties: whole (4% fat), 2%, 1% and skim (0% fat).

Healthy lifestyle, including healthier eating habit, will help you reach your best weight. Eat most nutritious foods daily is the key for it.

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